Quality Management Software for Plastic Industry

What are the Major Quality Challenges in Plastic Industry?

Plastic finds its extensive use in today’s times. Be it household items, electronics, automobiles, medical devices, toys, packaging, etc, plastic is an intrinsic element in one form or the other. Many remarkable qualities of plastic like light weight, durability, ductileness, corrosion and chemical resistant, etc. make it widely used material.

With plastic having so much usability, it is imperative for plastic manufacturing organizations to maintain quality of plastic. Especially in applications like medical devices, food packaging, medicine packaging where it directly affects human health, quality of plastic is of paramount importance.

These organizations must ensure that their processes and procedures are aligned to yield quality products which comply to the various regulatory norms. To ensure this, these organization must have a quality system in place.

Quality Management Software for Plastic Industry

In the rapidly evolving and high-volume trading landscape of today, relying on outdated, paper-based techniques to maintain a quality system is no longer viable. The traditional approach is prone to errors, slow, and lacks the necessary security measures. Therefore, it has become imperative for organizations to embrace digital solutions to implement an efficient and reliable quality system. Digitalization not only streamlines quality management processes but also enhances accuracy, speed, and security, ensuring that the plastic products manufactured meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

QMS for Plastic Manufacturing Industry

How does BM QualityMaster fill in the gap?

Outstanding Modules of BM QualityMaster

Swiftly and effectively identify and rectify quality-related issues like dimensional variation, thickness variation, width variation etc and take corrective actions like adjusting the moulding process, rejecting non-conforming parts etc to mitigate recurrence, and rigorously verify the efficacy of root cause elimination. BM QualityMaster’s NC (Non-Conformance) Management module ensures precise handling of deviations….Read More

Efficiently manage, track, and resolve complaints from various sources, ensuring customer satisfaction….Read More

Optimize training procedures, automate training scheduling, reminders, and progress tracking. Enhance workforce skills and significantly reduce training expenses….Read More

Establish a proper workflow for document changes, and automate, evaluate, review, and manage every step of the change control process. …Read More

Efficiently manage, store, retrieve, and collaborate on various types of organizational documents like product specifications, quality control plans, process workflows, mold design and tooling documentation, product label and packaging artworks, crucial to plastic manufacturing. Enhance teamwork by working seamlessly on the same document version while ensuring precise documentation….Read More

Proactively manage various risks like choking hazards or health risks from toxic material, environmental risks related to plastic waste and pollution etc, and their impact on plastic manufacturing processes.

Efficiently establish and archive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that detail the protocols for waste management, handling toxic materials, operating machinery, adhering to compliance and regulations, and responding to emergencies in the realm of plastic manufacturing industries….Read More

Benefits of Plastic Quality Management Software

Benefits of Quality Management System

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