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Corrective and Preventive Action software
Corrective and Preventive Actions

Quality Management Software for Food Industry

Corrective and Preventive Action System
QMS software for food manufacturing industry

What are the Major Quality Challenges in the Food Industry?

Food is essential for our lives and central to our health. Therefore, food quality is very important for the human race to flourish and thrive. Different food products are essential in fulfilling the increasing demand for food and still, food safety and quality remain the primary issues for F&B manufacturers.  

The safety and quality concerns associated with food products justify the intense scrutiny surrounding this industry. With consumer safety and quality control going hand-in-hand, food manufacturers find themselves under tremendous pressure to stay abreast with the latest developments in QMS software for food manufacturing .

A food quality management software helps food manufacturers maintain the desired quality standards of their products, processes and services. Therefore, manufacturers need to implement quality management system for food industry to avoid lost revenue, product recalls, damaged brand reputation, legal issues, severely dented bottom-line and other such issues.

CAPA Management Software

How does QMS Software help the Food Manufacturing Industry?

BM QualityMaster, one of the next-gen, web-based quality management system in food industry, enables food manufacturing organizations to achieve maximal levels of quality, while maintaining compliance and minimizing risk.

A closed-loop QMS for food industry, BM QualityMaster offers a bouquet of unique features over the standard capabilities like Change Management, Compliance Management, Complaint Management, NC, CAPA, Document Management, Training management etc.  

It’s intuitive and interactive dashboard and customizable data-reliant reports help achieve data-driven continuous improvement with greater agility and scalability. Unique business processes can be enforced with the QMS cockpit, workflow, and quick alerts, while, its Audit trail, e-signature, supplier verifications and such features let you maintain completeness, accuracy, and integrity of data and records, thereby ensure compliance.

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Software
QMS Software for Food Industry
CAPA Management Software
QMS modules for manufacturing industry

Features of QMS Software for Food Industry

  • Non-ConformanceEfficiently capture, manage and track non-conformance issues. Perform root cause analysis.
  • CAPAIdentify quality issues, execute containment actions, mitigate recurrence & verify the effectiveness of root cause elimination.
  • Complaint ManagementInvestigate, track and resolve quality related complaints right from identification to resolution.
  • Training ManagementAutomate training processes & keep accurate training records.
  • Change ManagementEstablish a proper document workflow & automate change control processes.
  • Document ManagementStore, create, track, retrieve & manage organizational documents.
  • Compliance ManagementMake a clear list of requirements. Automate alerts for potential issues to manage compliance.
  • Risk ManagementAssess future risks and their impact. Drive continuous process improvement through risk control and mitigation.
  • Audit Management Automate & streamline the process of planning, scheduling & conducting audits.
Quality management system for manufacturing industry
CAPA Software

Business Benefits of QMS for Food Manufacturing Industry

The following benefits to businesses make BM QualityMaster the top pick for food manufacturing industry operators:

  • Improved business processes
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Better overall control
  • A proper system to address customer complaints
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Savings on time and resources
  • Greater accuracy in dosage
  • Growth in new customers, and increased retention by improving customer satisfaction
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Competitive advantage over the competition
  • Improved decision-making process
  • Increased employee engagement
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