Nonconformance (NC) and CAPA Management System

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When a product or service does not meet the set standard of quality, it is said to be nonconformance (NC). A Nonconformance and CAPA management software is a tool which identifies, documents, analyses and segregates NC for further investigation and follow ups.

Correction and Preventive Action (CAPA) is a concept which systematically mitigates anomalies, or inconsistencies and ensures steps to prevent its recurrence. It is a well elaborated system of process used to ensure conformity with quality standards and regulatory laws.

QualityMaster is a robust eQMS software, offering an efficient NC and CAPA module. The comprehensive module helps to track anomalies, document them, attach proofs and relevant documents, find root cause, rectify the errors, and instil continuous improvement in the organization.

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Non-Conformance Management System

Gain Insight

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