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Corrective and Preventive Action software
Corrective and Preventive Actions

Audit Management System

Corrective and Preventive Action System

Stay audit ready, always!

Every day, an organization faces a variety of challenges as part of its operations. And, every operation demands the adherence to particular regulations, making the process even more difficult. These regulations are sometimes difficult to follow, and employees have been known to ignore/break them when under pressure of a heavy workload. That’s where BatchMaster’s Audit Management and Tracking software comes in.

This Internal Audit Management software provides data to business and quality leaders by automating the audit procedure, allowing them to identify gaps and estimate future quality performance. It also gives them access to prior audit documents and reports, enabling them to spot trends in failure and take corrective and preventive action to improve business. As a result, businesses ensure that their operations are always in compliance with the law.

Key Features of Audit Management Software

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Software
CAPA Management Software
  • Manage and submit checklist(s) against any Audit
  • Define different types of audits and specify whether the audit requires approval or not
  • Define different audit categories, like: Departmental Audit, Documents Audit, Financial Audit, Organizational Audit, etc.
  • Define different audit classes like Internal, External, Remote, etc.
  • Specify all the points that make up an audit checklist
  • Specify the different requirements that make up an audit checklist
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CAPA Software

Benefits of Audit Management and Tracking software

  • Reduce the amount of effort that is duplicated
  • Enhance the accuracy of data collected during audits
  • During each audit, collects more data
  • Remove any misinterpretation from audit reports
  • Throughout the audit trail, demonstrates compliance

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