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Instill the quality culture

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Why BM QualityMaster?

BM QualityMaster is a powerful and easy-to-use Total Quality Management Software that allows you to improve quality, achieve compliance, lower risk, and reduce complaints by streamlining your quality management.

Quick to implement, easy to use

The expert team ensures quick implementation of the Quality Management Software that’s easy to use for both quality experts as well as basic users.

Scalable to your needs

This Manufacturing Quality Management Software is flexible enough to scale across teams and products as your business grows.

integrated qms system
Integrated platform

With this Quality Management System, you get a connected platform which integrates the quality data, and drives improvement across the complete product life cycle.

Quality in Cloud

Being a cloud-based Manufacturing QMS Software, BM QualityMaster facilitates complete digitization of organizational quality data.

Manage and track all nonconformities
  • Efficiently capture, manage and track non-conformances from internal/external sources with this Nonconformance Management Software
  • Perform in-depth root cause analysis
  • Maintain records of all the activities undertaken to resolve the nonconformity
  • Maintain and track nonconformity records

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Ensure errors don’t happen again
  • Track the impact of Corrective and Preventative Actions, and measure reduction over time
  • Identify quality-related issues, execute containment actions, mitigate recurrence and verify the effectiveness of root cause elimination
  • Actively review and put in place actions for improvement
  • Easily associate the appropriate reason for CAPA

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The hub for everything in quality management
  • Streamline quality processes and enjoy powerful reporting and analytics capabilities
  • A personalized dashboard-like platform that allows viewing, cancelling, approving & rejecting approvals, releasing documents etc.
  • Ability to select multiple documents, or even all the documents and release them together
  • View and verify completed change requests
Streamline entire complaint resolution process
  • Manage and track every quality-related customer interaction& complaint
  • Categorize complaints in logical groups. For example, documentation issue, product issue and service issue
  • Associate degree of severity of a customer issue
  • Maintain the source of complaints

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Automate your paper-based training systems
  • This training management software manages training process, its requirements and tracks training records seamlessly
  • Helps in planning and scheduling batches and associate trainers/guest trainers
  • Create, manage, conduct, track & control training batches
  • Helps to generate certifications based on the evaluation

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Achieve change management objectives seamlessly
  • Establish a proper workflow for documenting changes. Automate & manage every step of the change control process
  • Maintain, track and approve changes
  • Includes a number of default change types available to prevent redundant data entry
  • Offers the ability to define priority, nature, CAPA and source

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A central library to store all documents together
  • Store, create, track, retrieve and manage all types of organizational documents through their life-cycle
  • Maintain the audit trail of who has viewed a document and when, and how it may have been modified
  • Secure the document through a selective restriction of access via passwords, e-signatures etc.
  • Generate an alert for the specified electronic distribution list that the document has been released

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Comply with all related regulatory requirements
  • Have a clear list of requirements, with automated alerts for potential issues and manage compliance
  • Automate the tracking and control of compliance-related activities such as documentation, planning, reporting, audit etc.
  • Measure, demonstrate and sustain compliance for a wide range of regulations on a consistent basis
  • Have easy regulatory reporting and control of risks related to non-compliance across processes for any size business

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Maintain SOPs & policies at one place
  • Store, track and access all the SOPs and policies for different departments/processes, at a single click.
  • Associate related guidelines and formats
  • Restrict access to organizational, departmental, personal and other levels
  • Increase audit-preparedness

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Managing audits made easy
  • Automate and streamline the audit process.
  •  Easy planning of audits, with simplified flow for execution of audits.
  •  Define different audit categories such as Departmental Audit, Documents Audit, Financial Audit and Organizational Audit etc. and specify whether or not the audit requires approval.
  •  Specify the different requirements that constitute an audit checklist.
  •  Generate automatic audit reports to meet relevant compliance requirements.

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Control risk exposure and ensure continuous process improvement
  • Identify, assess, categorize and document future risks and their impact.
  •  Visualize and better manage risks by gaining insight into the operations.
  •  Get a proactive approach to control the risks and deal with challenges.
  •  Better maintain compliance with standards set by different relevant regulatory bodies.
  •  Drive continuous process improvement through risk control and mitigation.

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We are the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for process manufacturing industries. With a vast industry experience of over 2000 implementations worldwide, we clearly understand the unique industry challenges, and offer process manufacturing solutions that manage nearly every aspect of business- manufacturing distribution, finance & accounting, Quality Control, compliance and HR-related operations.

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