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In the current times, businesses world over are struggling to sustain themselves. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on them, forcing organizations to alter their strategies in order to survive this testing period. The need of the hour for them has been to stand out from the competition.

And even as most of the organizations struggle to figure out the key differentiator for their business, the smarter of the lot are making ‘Quality’ the catalyst for their survival as well as growth amid the present scenario. Such organizations are focusing on delivering quality products and services, and through them, satisfying and retaining their customer base.

However, in an age when a negative feedback on a poor quality product/service may spark social media furore, and impact business’ reputation, maintaining consistent quality becomes paramount. It isn’t easy though, especially when there are multiple people working on the same product.

So how do the organizations ensure that the products and services are delivered consistently every time?


One way of doing it is by having the processes documented in the form of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which suggest what all operational practices should be followed in order to complete certain tasks, and then establishing a system for document control that is electronic to ensure product quality and safety.

The ‘Advanced SOP’ feature of BM QualityMaster QMS offers businesses a way to perform various activities related to Document Management and SOP. It helps ensure that the businesses run their operations by following consistent practices documented as an SOP to maintain quality control of processes, and deliver products of same quality and specifications, every single time.

The ‘Advanced SOP’ feature enables storing, tracking and accessing all the SOPs and policies existing for different departments as well as processes at a single click, besides allowing access permissions for all classes of SOP documents to be set automatically and dynamically.

Moreover, it also makes audits fast and efficient as the auditors have single point access to all effective standard operating procedure guidelines and formats. As a result, the businesses can carry out the operations properly, and in the same manner- every time.

Some of the features of Advanced SOP offered in BM QualityMaster QMS are:

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Software
CAPA Management Software
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Facilitate operational workflow
  • Ensure understanding of the role and responsibilities
  • Ensure consistency in the performance of duties
  • Assign authorization rules
  • Customized form creation for user input
  • Attach multiple documents with ‘Check-In’ and ‘Check-Out’ capabilities
  • Manage the approval procedure for each SOP i.e. Approve, Cancel, Reject, and Release
  • Automatic versioning and revisions of an SOP
  • Notification of assigned and executed SOP on user login based on user privilege
  • User & Date stamping at each step
  • Monitor assigned SOP and execute them
  • Workloads can be balanced more easily with real-time viewing of transaction pipeline status
  • Create NC while executing any SOP
  • Dashboard to gain a better insight into the operations
  • Maintain SOPs, policies, and other critical documents at one place
  • Associate related guidelines and formats
  • Easy access to SOPs and policies relevant to a specific job with just a click
  • Restrict its access to Organizational, Departmental, Personal and other levels
  • Increase audit-preparedness
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CAPA Software

Some of the benefits of Advanced SOP offered in BM QualityMaster QMS are:

  • One-stop destination for all the operational information necessary to perform a task properly
  • Specify task steps that help standardize products and, therefore, quality
  • Processes run uninterrupted and are completed on a prescribed schedule
  • Prevents failures in manufacturing and other processes that can potentially harm anyone in the vicinity
  • Full compliance with company and government regulations
  • Serves as a checklist for auditors, and makes audit faster and more efficient
  • Offers a historical record of the how, why, and when of steps in an existing process
  • Avoid repetition of processes
  • Saves time and resources

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