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What are the Major Challenges in Complaint Management?

In present scenario, customer satisfaction tops the list of factors that impact businesses the most. The best way for the businesses to keep the customers happy in this age of pervasive and ubiquitous social media is to serve them with quality products and services all the time.

With multi-channel communication opening the doors for consumers to easily connect and share their experiences, any void between what they expect, and what actually gets delivered, can snowball into a big problem, as even a single negative feedback regarding a product spreads like bush fire on social media.

Amid all this, what if you fail to respond & resolve consumer queries in time? It will surely result in highlighting your business’ inefficiencies, impacting bottom line adversely, and tarnishing your business’ reputation.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and so it’s time for businesses to get over manual ways of managing complaints and collaborate with a contemporary tool such as an Enterprise Complaint Management System to manage customer complaints and their redressal.

How does QMS System help in Complaint Management?

BatchMaster Complaint Management System is an industry-specific solution designed to effectively & seamlessly register, manage, track, resolve and finally close customer complaints. It comes with a simple workflow and robust reporting functionalities that makes its operations quicker and easier.

Collaboration with this modern tool ensures adherence to industry and regulatory compliance as well, besides improved product quality and reduction in fines, and costs related to customer queries.

This Enterprise Complaint Management System helps businesses opt for a step-by-step approach towards an issue, ensuring its faster resolution and thus building a loyal and satisfied clientele.

Features of Complaint Management Software

BatchMaster Complaint Management System possesses a wide array of features. Here is a list that mentions some of them:

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Software
CAPA Management Software
  • Tool to identify complaint severity
  • Easy determination of the complaint type
  • Easily designate the source of complaint
  • Categorize complaints in groups: documentation, product, or service issue
  • Intuitive dashboard to view complaint records
  • Export data to excel sheets with ease
  • Add notes for detailed understanding of complaints
  • Assign incident to any team member or entire group
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Benefits of Enterprise Complaint Management System by BatchMaster

The following range of beneficial gains to businesses makes BatchMaster Complaint Management System the top industry pick:

  • Establishes a proper system to address complaints
  • Presents apt and adequate information related to any query
  • Adds to your accountability of handling issues
  • Avoids repetition of processes
  • Saves time and resources
  • Helps win new customers and increase retention
  • Creates a customer-focused environment
  • Helps stay ahead of the competition

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